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A Look at the Continental TrueContact

January 28th, 2016
At McGee Auto Service & Tires in Brandon, FL, we proudly carry Continental tires for a wide range of cars, minivans, light trucks, SUVs and crossovers. One of our most popular grand touring tires is the Continental TrueContact. Here’s a quick look at this great tire from Continental:
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Why Are Wheel Alignments Necessary?

September 17th, 2015
wheel alignment in tampa, flIt can be pretty annoying, even downright exhausting, to drive for hours while fighting the steering wheel of a car that constantly wants to pull to the right or left. It’s actually more than just an annoyance, though. At McGee Auto Service & Tires in Lakeland, FL and Tampa, FL, wheel alignments are one of the most common auto repair jobs that we do, and for good reason. Here are some good reasons why wheel alignments are a good idea: 
Fuel economy: When a wheel is out of alignment, it’s constantly trying to push or pull your vehicle in another direction. That means it’s being dragged along with the rest of the tires, causing excessive friction and rolling resistan ...[more]
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Debunking Auto Repair Myths

September 5th, 2015
auto repair in Tampa, FLChances are at some point you might have had an uncle or grandfather who refused to use seatbelts, saying that “if I’m ever in an accident, I’d rather be thrown clear of the car…your chances are better that way.” Well, statistics tell a different story, and not many people still hold to that myth. At McGee Auto Service & Tires in Tampa, FL and Lakeland, FL, we’ve heard ‘em all, as you can probably imagine. We’d like to clear up a few common auto repair myths that have been making the rounds for awhile:
  • Doing it yourself is as good as taking it to an auto repair shop – Vehicles have become much more sophisticated under the hood in the last 20 years. There are plenty of little tasks that drivers can do themselves, such as topping o ...[more]
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Common Myths about Wheel Alignments

August 15th, 2015

Wheel Alignments in Clearwater, FL & Lakeland, FLAt McGee Auto Service and Tires, we do a lot of wheel alignments here in Lakeland, FL and Clearwater, FL. Considering how many customers we see for wheel alignment work, it’s not surprising that some have certain misconceptions about this common maintenance item, so we’d like to clear up a few things:

  • My steering wheel is vibrating – do I need an alignment? The answer to that is almost always…no. Lots of things can cause a vibration in the steering wheel, including an out-of-round tire, a wheel that needs to be balanced or suspension problems, but it’s very rare for an alignment problem to set up vibrations through the steering column.
  • My car still pulls to the right! Pulling to the ri ...[more]
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Ensure Your Vehicle is Back to School Ready

August 1st, 2015

Tires & Auto Repair in Lakeland, FL & Clearwater, fLSummers in Clearwater, FL and Lakeland, FL can be a lot of fun. For kids, it seems like summer will go on forever. Parents, on the other hand, are usually looking forward to having a somewhat more structured routine to go by. In either case, it’s important to make sure that your car’s ready to go back-to-school too!

  • Oil Changes – It’s probably the one biggest factor in getting the most miles out of your vehicle. Regular oil changes prevent buildups of carbon and sludge on internal engine assemblies and cut wear on crucial moving parts. Conventional mineral-based oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, and synthetic oil every 7,500-10,000 miles (check manufacturer’s recommendations for correct oil change intervals) ...[more]
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5 Signs It's Time for New Tires

July 31st, 2015

Tires in Bradenton,FL

Five Signs It’s Time for New Tires

At McGee Auto Service & Tires in Bradenton, FL, we know that it’s hard for a lot of drivers to be certain when it’s time to replace their tires. Remember, though, that you’re not really saving money by running your tires until they’re worn to a nub…you’re compromising your safety with a loss of traction and control, especially in wet weather. So here are some surefire indicators that it’s time to invest in a new set of tires:

  1. Excessive tread wear. States mandate a minimum tread depth of 2/32” for tires, and here’s a really easy way to check that. Take a penny and insert it into the tread with Lincoln’s head down. If you c ...[more]
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10 Quick Tips about Auto Repair

July 15th, 2015

Auto Repair in Bradenton, FL

Everyone makes mistakes…some mistakes, though, can end up being a lot more expensive than others. When it comes to auto repair in Bradenton, FL, there are some mistakes you really don’t want to make. You might be amazed at some of what we see here at McGee Auto Service & Tires in Bradenton, FL. So, we thought we’d share a few tips with you to save yourself some money, trouble and time:

  1. Don’t neglect minor repairs and preventive maintenance. They call it “preventive maintenance” for good reason – it’s intended to prevent real trouble. That includes things like cooling system flushes, belts and hoses, regular oil changes, brake service and transmission maintenance. The choice is yours – spend a little money now to tak ...[more]
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Michelin Develops Airless Radial

June 7th, 2015

Tires in Tampa, FLImagine buying tires in Tampa, FL that you never, ever have to put air in. Tires in Tampa, FL that can never go flat, and can be retreaded for more miles after the tread wears out.

Sounds unlikely, but it’s a reality thanks to Michelin’s Tweel design (the name “Tweel” combines “tire” and “wheel”). The design consists of a tread surface welded to a series of energy-absorbing polyurethane spokes; the spokes are then connected to an inner hub that contains a denser pattern of spokes for extra weight-bearing and rigidity. Other designs feature a honeycomb structure rather than spokes; spoke tension and rigidity can be increased for different applications.

The Tweel design answers a challenge that conventional wheel/tire arrangements have never been able to achieve; a forgiving ...[more]

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Conventional Motor Oil vs. Synthetic

May 7th, 2015
Oil Change in Tampa, FLWe do a lot of oil changes in Tampa, FL using synthetic oil. Considering that synthetics are generally about twice the cost per quart of mineral-based motor oils, you may be asking yourself if there’s enough of a difference in performance to be worth the extra cost in oil changes in Tampa, FL. The answer to that question is…
Yes. Unequivocally, yes.
Here’s why. The whole idea of motor oil is to lubricate all the metal-on-metal contact that goes on inside your engine, reducing friction and dispersing the heat that is generated. Over time, the oil breaks down due to oxidation and evaporation and it can no longer lubricate properly; the impurities in the oil start to build up on engine assemblies and sludge forms. ...[more]
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What You Should Know About Your Brakes

April 6th, 2015
Brake Repair in Largo, FLAt McGee Auto Service, we do a lot of brake repair in Largo, FL along with the rest of our auto repair and maintenance services. Since brake repair in Largo, FL is one of our specialties, we wanted to take a minute to talk about ABS (antilock brake systems) and how they work. ABS is hardly a new innovation, having been developed for aircraft in the 1950s; the first American car to feature a fully-electronic ABS system was the ‘71 Chrysler Imperial.
One of the worst things that can happen in a panic-stop situation is for your brakes to lock up and cause you to lose control and skid. ABS is designed to prevent that from happening. Here’s how it works: 
ABS systems consist of a sensor on each wheel, a sensor at the car’s differential ...[more]
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