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McGee Auto Service & Tires has been serving the Lakeland, FL area for tires and auto repair since 1974. In the last 40 years, we have expanded to a growing Auto Repair Lakeland Floridanetwork of 24 full service automotive centers. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have strived to become the number one choice for auto repair and tires in Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas. From our highly trained and skilled automotive technicians to quality auto repair that you can trust, we listen to our customers to provide top of the line lasting service that keeps your vehicle on the road. McGee Auto Service & Tires makes sure you and your loved ones are safe through the life of your car, truck, or SUV. We offer many different services from routine maintenance to emergency repairs:

·         Air Con ...

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How to Improve Gas Mileage

How to Improve Gas Mileage

As gas prices soar to record highs around the country, improving your vehicle’s gas mileage is no longer a hobby, but a necessity. At McGee Auto Service, we know how important improving gas mileage is, and we are here to help.

Taking the steps necessary to allow your car to maximize the driving distance it can achieve on a single tank of gas will not only help you save money at the pump, but it is also good for the environment. The less gas used means fewer emissions spilled into the air and a reduction of dependence on oil. 

Not driving your car or using public transportation are some of the most effective ways to improve the gas mileage of your car, but these ideas for saving fuel are not always practical. There are several ways to help drivers increase their gas mileage that still allow them to use their car. In general, fuel economy is increased through a combination of more efficient driv ...

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Why Oil Changes are Necessary and Important

Oil Changes Are Necessary and Important

The understanding that an automobile needs consistent oil changes to perform correctly is as common as understanding that cars need fuel to run. Teenagers hear it a hundred times before they get their driver’s license, and mechanics even place stickers on windshields to help adults remember to get the oil changed regularly. It is understood by everyone that oil changes are important, but do most people understand why?  McGee Auto Service & Tires does quality oil changes in Tampa, Florida, and are here to help you understand why it is so important to schedule regular oil changes.

Why an Automobile Needs OilOil Change Tampa, FL

Oil is used in vehicles to lubricate different working parts. Lubrication, by definition, prevents friction. Too much fric ...

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McGee Auto Service & Tires Oil Change Special


McGee Auto Service and Tires is offering a free tire rotation and courtesy inspection with your oil change. Changing your oil and rotating your tires will help you get the most out of your investment and keep it running smooth.

McGee Auto Service and Tires has 26 full service locations to serve you from Tampa to Tallahassee, Lakeland to 

Daytona, and more. Finding a location near you is always easy and each location has trained auto mechanics to keep you on the road.

Schedule an Appointment today for your oil change and free tire rotation and become Gremlin Free with Mcgee!

This offer is subject to change. See current promotions here.


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McGee Auto Service and Tire to Host Lakeland Chamber After Hours Event

McGee Auto Service and Tire, Tampa's most-trusted tire store and auto repair center, will host their annual Business After Hours event in support of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. `
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